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Shadowmane top stats [PC PVE]

Shadowmane top stats [PC PVE]

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Shadowmanes (from Genesis 2 map) are fun mounts to get around with. They have natural armor, no saddle is needed. You take down alpha broodmother with only 1x 100% imprinted pair of boss-manes but we suggest taking a small army just to be on the safe side.

Please note that shadowmanes have different stats:

  • Boss mane - health and damage only, designed to be the damage dealing tanks
  • Rider mane - a bit less of health and some stamina, designed to be ridden into boss fights

When breeding different stats with each other the baby may get higher or lower level. The damage is maximum possible on both versions of shadowmanes.

We also have farmer (cave runner) shadowmanes available.

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