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Kibble all types [PvE Cross]

Kibble all types [PvE Cross]

PriceFrom $2.00

Kibble has multiple uses in Ark. You can use it to tame dinos (each dino has a kibble they prefer) or use it for imprints. Kibble is the fastest and most efficient way to tame and will give you the highest taming efficiency.

Kibble is split by tier (ranked starting with the lowest tier):

  • Basic kibble
  • Simple kibble
  • Regular kibble
  • Superior kibble
  • Exceptional kibble
  • Extraordinary kibble

Higher-tier kibble can be used as a replacement for any of the lower-tier kibble - Extraordinary kibble can be used for everything but it's also the hardest one to craft. For each kibble to be crafted you would need the correct egg and ingredients like honey, sap, berries, vegetables, jerkies, cooked meats, rare flowers and mushrooms. Same as any crafted food, it can only travel servers one time.

The price is shown for 1 stack (100 kibble) crafted.

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