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Andrewsarchus [PC PvE]

Andrewsarchus [PC PvE]


The Andrewsarchus is no small fish, literally. This robust scavenger will run over anything in its path, destroying trees and rocks in between him and its prey. At first glance they might look slow, but the andrewsarchus will pick up its pace and be truly terrifying running at unthinkable speeds. Think of a small tank with nitro, and we'll explain why.

Their attacks range from basic attacks, to literally destroy anything in its path when he's running at full speed. You can also place a saddle on him, and here is where things get interesting: Not only the rider is immune to external factors like water, it also has a freaking turret on its back! That's right, you can safely mount your andrewsarchus and shoot your way through anything! They can also sink right at the bottom of the sea (I mean, naturally) which makes them ideal for underwater exploration or treasure chests hunting.

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