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Therizinosaur good stats [PvE Cross]

Therizinosaur good stats [PvE Cross]

PriceFrom $4.00

Therizinosaurs (also known as the tickle chickens) are one of the hardest dinos to tame - their torpidity drops fast, they deal quite a lot of damage and they take forever to tame. They reward this effort by being one of the best fiber and food farmers (when harvesting levels are spent), and they're not bad at farming berries as well. However, they are best known for their sustained damage and maneuverability during boss fights and the healing they get if sweet vegetable cakes are in their inventory.

Guaranteed to have these or higher stats for current stat Theris - 12k health, 591 weight,  525% damage. Color is random and imprint quality is 100% or close to it.

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