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Sweet Vegetable cake x10 [PvE Cross]

Sweet Vegetable cake x10 [PvE Cross]


Sweet begetable cakes are being used to heal up your herbivore dinos (Therisinosaur, Woolly Rhino) during boss fights, they restore 10% of the creature's maximum Health over the next 30 seconds. They are also used to tame Achatinas (snails) and Ovis (sheep) and to feed Achatinas as it's the only thing they will accept as food.

Veggie cakes are not hard to make but they do require to have access to honey, veggies, sap, and some stimulant to be crafted, their spoil timer in the fridge is 5.5 days for each cake so why not save yourself some effort if you don't need them on a daily basis?

The price is for 1 stack (10 pieces) of Sweet Vegetable Cakes. If you want to receive these in pin coded storage unit, it must be a refrigerator otherwise they might spoil.

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