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Gigantoraptor [PvE Cross]

Gigantoraptor [PvE Cross]

PriceFrom $5.00

Gigantoraptors are quite unique in their capabilities.

They can raise babies in their saddles if the food for babies is in their inventory but they'll only feed babies while being ridden.
They can refresh all required imprint cravings for babies with their special ability which also shows all wild babies nearby.
Gigantoraptors also incubate the eggs in their saddles.
You can claim wild Gigantoraptor babies by killing its mom/dad and pressing claim on the baby while riding a Gigantoraptor if its level is higher than the wild baby and it's imprinted to you.
They also give an extra boost for babies that have been raised in their saddles and fulfilled the wishes of which wild dino the baby wants you to perish.

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