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Rhyniognatha (event colors) [PvE Cross]

Rhyniognatha (event colors) [PvE Cross]

PriceFrom $38.00

The way to acquire Rhyniognatha is probably one of the most complicated ones in the game. You need to kill a male Rhyniognatha to acquire its pheromone, then once you find the rare high-level female Rhyniognatha, you need to lower her health below 10% without killing it. When it's hurt enough, the pheromone is fed to your Giga/Carcha/Brontosaurus and if Ark Gods allow it, the female Rhyniognatha will impregnate your sacrifice. Then every couple of hours it will require a special material/food to keep the chance for good baby stats high.

This comes with a great reward, as it has a lot of abilities:

  • Walks on water, swims underwater
  • It can be maneuverable sideways, hangs on vertical surfaces, and has a passenger seat!
  • Lets you use weapons while mounted
  • Roars to fear its opponents, just like a Yuty, by pressing C.
  • Passively turn sap into resin in its inventory
  • Makes resin-made armor by pressing