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Tek Hover Skiff [PC PVE]

Tek Hover Skiff [PC PVE]

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Hover Skiff is the fastest and most efficient way to get around. It will consume element, element dust and element ore are fuel providing you with 1600 weight capacity (300 slots), unbeatable speed and the possibility to transport most of the dinos around the map. Tek hover skiff is the flyer that can carry Tek Stryders.

You can also build a small base on top of it but be careful not to overweight it (800 weight, including all survivors and dinos on top of it) as it won't be able to fly while fully loaded (same as any dino). 
To unlock the skiff you need to beat the Master Controller boss on Gamma or higher difficulty and it can only be crafted in Tek Replicator, there must be enough space around theTek Replicator for it to be deployed (crafted).

The person that crafts the skiff for you needs to be in the tribe as the skiff cannot be unclaimed or cryopodded. Skiff's decay timer is the same as any dinosaur - 8 days.


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