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Fenrir [PC PvE]

Fenrir [PC PvE]

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The Fenrir is and will be a flex dino. The amount of time and resources you need to do to get one is incredible: Exploring 11 caves, beating 3 mini bosses and 3 bosses just to have a chance to fight Fenrisúlfr, beating him grants you one Fenrir!

The Fenrir is a great mount and has a variety of attacks, from a normal bite, to a cold boosted bite, and if you hold down CTRL or press C, it will charge and explode, boosting its armor and giving a spiked badass look!

Another excellent utility is that the Fenrir can extend the spoil time of wyvern milk and nameless venom up to two days when held in its inventory, which makes them ideal to bring with you in wyvern milk collection or nameless venom farming.

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