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Doedicurus good stats [PvE Cross]

Doedicurus good stats [PvE Cross]

PriceFrom $10.00

Doedicurus is great for harvesting stone. With its secondary attack, it can curl up in a ball and roll. Some people say you're not a real Ark player if you've never owned a Doed called "rolling stones".

On a serious note, you can pick Doedicurus with an Argentavis and bring it to the resource it can harvest and it will auto-harvest this resource for around 60% of its weight making it easier to farm than manually riding it. For this method, we suggest leveling it in weight to be able to harvest more before stopping to empty it. Doedicurus has weight reduction on stone.

If you have a tribe mate riding the Doed, there is no weight cap of how much it can harvest - only the flyer weight limit, how much it can carry.
Minimum guaranteed stats are 6.2k health, 1260 stamina, 445 weight, 375 damage on birth. These Doeds come with 100% or close to 100% imprint quality, the color is random.

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