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Daeodon good stats [PvE Cross]

Daeodon good stats [PvE Cross]


Daeodons (pigs) are known for their passive healing ability. It needs to be enabled manually and will heal all your and allied dinos in the range. The passive healing is mostly used when fighting off corrupted dinos while defending purple Orbital Supply Drops on Extinction but is also sometimes used to raise dinos that only eat special food (Wyvern Milk, Venom, Primal Crystal) when there's no access to it.
While healing Daeodon will consume a lot of food that's why it's bred to have the maximum possible food as it will stop healing when it runs out of food, that's why people usually level them in food. 

To replenish Daeodon's food faster, you may fill it with meat and go outside render distance and come back. This makes the Daeodon to consume all food at once without waiting for the slow consumption or force-feeding it.

Daeodon is the only tame in Ark that gets higher food value from cooked meat. We're selling level 210+ piggies in random colors with imprint quality 75-100%.

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