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Carcharodontosaurus top stats [PvE Cross]

Carcharodontosaurus top stats [PvE Cross]

PriceFrom $10.00

Carcharadontosaurus is a Giganotosaurus-sized carnivore that has overtaken the role of Giga. It has the same bite radius as Giga making it a great killing machine. With each kill, it will stack movement speed, melee damage and heal up to 100 stacks, making it not only faster but also deadlier and more resilient. A fully stacked Carcharo with a good saddle and imprinted to the rider doesn't take any damage while killing a Titanosaur.
In addition to the main bite attack, Carcharodontosaurus can also do a Reaper-like tail swipe attack and a roar that will buff nearby Carcharos.
New stats: 18,856 health, 1248 weight, 275 damage on hatch, non-natural colors.
Damage only version has 275 damage, other stats random.

Older stats are guaranteed 185-195 damage on hatch.
For all colors are random, imprint quality is 100%.

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