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X-Argentavis top stats [PC PvE]

X-Argentavis top stats [PC PvE]

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Top weight X-Argentavis, with all 88 levels applied can reach 14635 weight.

X-Argentavis differ from regular Argentavis by having different color pattern and some damage bred into it (as X dino types can reach level 500).

Argentavis are used to transport heavy reasources and with saddle equipped can be used as a smithy which comes super handy if you don't want to use tek replicator or exo mek for higher tier blueprints. Argentavis can hold 300 stacks of resources for your crafting needs and you can move it around to load the resources in more easily. Argy also has weight reduction for resources making it the superior flying dino to move the resources with.
Not many people know but you can auto-harvest resources by hovering Doedicurus above the rock you want to harvest with Argentavis and the Doed will hit it up around 50% of its weight. Works with Exctinction lamp posts as well.

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