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Tek Teleporter [PvE Cross]

Tek Teleporter [PvE Cross]

PriceFrom $10.00

Tek teleporter needs to be powered by a tek generator!
You can only use it if you have beaten the bosses that unlock the engram. 
They can be set to 2 settings - private and public. When set to private you can teleport to any public and your own teleporters but no one outside your tribe can teleport to yours.
There are 3 sizes of teleporters:

  • Small - can only teleport small dinos and survivors
  • Medium - can teleport most dinos (including Brontos, Gigas and Carchas)
  • Large - can teleport packs of dinos

It's not possible to teleport from a larger-sized teleport to a smaller one but it is possible to teleport from a small teleport to larger-sized ones making the large tek teleporters rarely used.

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