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Stegosaurus great stats [PvE Cross]

Stegosaurus great stats [PvE Cross]


The Stegosaurus is one of the must-have tames in the game due to how easy it is to tame it and how multi-purpose it is. But don't be deceived, just because it's easy to tame it doesn't mean it's not deadly. Its Hardened Plate is useful for tanking a lot of damage (ideal for bosses as you can use weapon while riding it) and farming wood, its Heavy Plate slows down enemies and harvesting thatch and its Sharpened Plate deals extra damage to enemies, and is also useful for farming berries.

Stats guaranteed to be these values or higher:
8,060 health, 1140 stamina, 880 weight, 425% damage + 100% imprint.

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