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Level 217 event Pine Green Tek Stryder Drill + Bags [PC PvE]

Level 217 event Pine Green Tek Stryder Drill + Bags [PC PvE]


Tek Stryder with excavation and resource attractor rig. The excavation rig (drill) allows you to harvest resources and the resource attractor rig (bags) reduces the weight of the resources harvested. 

On its own, you can use the Stryder to harvest all resources. If you move the Stryder close to tek dedicated storage and link it to a specific resource box, it will only harvest things that drop this resource and automatically transfer this resource to the dedicated storage even if you're far away from it. With Tek Stryder you don't need any other farming dinos anymore, it can harvest anything much faster without the effort of moving the weighty resources.

Stryders cannot be cryo-podded, the best way to move them across the map is via tek hover skiff or teleportation.

Stryders can be painted by regions to the color of your liking. The colors the Stryder is currently in (Actual Black, Light Green, Pine Green) are only available during Christmas event and cannot be gotten by dying the Stryder.

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