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Stone Base [PvE Cross]

Stone Base [PvE Cross]

  • A stone base for PvE Cross platform, inside the base, you'll find breeding area, cooking area, water pen area, boss fight area and all you'll ever need. There are 2 wind turbines to cover the whole base, and it built in an amazing location by the water. Includes:
    • Big ground area, with the possibility of expanding towards land, ocean, or upwards.
    • Greenhouse area with plenty of room to grow anything.
    • Boss fight area with a transmitter.
    • Plenty of cryofridges for storing your dinos.
    • Water pen area for raising, fully enclosed from the ocean hostilities.
    • Egg incubation area.
    • Crafting area with two forges, fabricator, smithy and vaults.
    • Kitchen area.
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