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Queen bee/beehive [PvE Cross]

Queen bee/beehive [PvE Cross]


Giant queen bee that you can turn into a beehive to gather honey at your own base (44 honey per hive). Hives cannot be transferred between servers. Usually (not always) destroying the hive will spawn the bee that was turned into the hive.

Each bee comes with 500 rare flowers for food. If you need more, send us a message to arrange it.

The decay timer for beehives is 4 days, so they need to be refreshed more often and don't forget to keep a stack of rare flowers inside as the hives will die quite fast without food.

Honey is needed to cook sweet vegetable cakes (for feeding or taming Achatinas (snails) and healing your herbivores during boss fights) and extraordinary kibble (highest tier kibble, can be used instead of any other kibble in imprints and taming). Giant bee honey is also used for taming Roll Rats and Liopleurodon, it can be requested during Moschop taming process, it's also the best bait for fishing.

Wild dinos cannot resist honey, if you drop some on the groud, they will come to eat it.
You can take the honey wherever you go - craft a fishing rod and equip 1 honey on it to stop the spoil timer, unequip honey when it's needed.

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