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Procoptodon great stats [PvE Cross]

Procoptodon great stats [PvE Cross]


Procoptodons (kangaroos) are a must-have dinosaur to help with smaller dino imprints. To gain double imprint, you need to pick up the baby dino with a female and while having a mate boost by a nearby male, imprint the baby in the pouch. Not all dinos can fit in the pouch (Gigas, Rex) and some won't be able to be picked up after reaching higher maturation but as long as you can pick the baby up with Procoptodon, double imprint % is possible.

They've also been bred to have high weight, so you can quickly farm berries in large amounts, and pick up your tribemate to carry them around.

Procoptodons are herbivores but will also eat rare mushrooms as babies and adults.
Guaranteed stats (or higher) on birth - 4160HP, 350 stam, 1089 weight, 391 damage with 100% imprint quality.

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