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Argentavis great stats [PvE Cross]

Argentavis great stats [PvE Cross]

PriceFrom $4.00

Argentavis are used to transport heavy resources and with saddle equipped can be used as a smithy which comes super handy if you don't yet have access to tek replicator and the smithy doesn't have enough slots for the blueprint you want to craft. Argentavis can hold 300 stacks of resources for your crafting needs and you can move it around to load the resources in more easily. Argy also has weight reduction for resources.
You can also auto-harvest resources by hovering Doedicurus/Ankylosaurus above the rock you want to harvest and the Doed/Anky will hit the rocks up around 50% of their weight.

Minimum guaranteed stats on hatch are 5k HP, 1680 stamina, 1840 weight and 466% damage, with imprint quality 100%, the color is random.

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