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Ankylosaurus top stats [PvE Cross]

Ankylosaurus top stats [PvE Cross]

PriceFrom $4.00

Ankylosaurus is the best dino to farm metal with and has a weight reduction for it.

The fastest method to farm metal is to fly over a metal node with an Argentavis/Rhyniognata holding an Ankylo with your tribemate riding it and your tribemate hitting the rocks. When the flyer gets heavy, just bring the Ankylo to the forge.

Alternatively, if you're farming solo, you can hover the Ankylo with a flyer over a metal node and it will hit it automatically up to 50% of its weight.

Minimum guaranteed stats on hatch are 6440 health, 945 stamina, 485 weight, 723 damage. All Ankylos are 100% or close to 100% imprinted, the color is random.

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