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Velonasaur top stat [PC PVE]

Velonasaur top stat [PC PVE]

PriceFrom $5.00

Velonasaur is a medium-sized machine gun. It's an excellent addition to Manticore boss fight to shoot the flying target or have fun riding around the Arks. It's not a fast mount so we don't suggest it for lengthy distances. It's a great stand-by dino as well, if you enable the turret mode via the radial menu, Velonasaur will attack hostiles around just like a turret would (based on the aggressiveness stance you've set it to). The damage on Velonasaur is only fully utilized when it's being ridden.

Available in 40 different colors with 100% imprint!


Our dinos always come with basic saddles but if you wish the best protection, we offer 124 armor crafted saddles as well!