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Glowtail top stats [PC PVE]

Glowtail top stats [PC PVE]


Top stat glowtails - cute shoulder pets that will reduce resource weight in their inventory by half and light the area around you as well as warn you about enemy players and creatures level 150 and above around you.

Stamina (Charge capacity) measures how long can the light will be shining until it runs out of charge and needs to recharge. Oxygen (Charge regeneration) measures how fast will it recharge to back to full charge capacity. Damage (Range) is the actual damage it can do as well as the range how big of an area will be lighted up around it.

To remove the shoulder pet from your shoulder, press f twice, to enable the light without removing it from the shoulders, use the emote radial menu by holding t and clicking on "clap hands".