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Snow Owls top stat [PC PvE]

Snow Owls top stat [PC PvE]

PriceFrom $5.50

Top stat Snow Owls with 6k stamina! Snow Owls are usually used to heal dinos with their healing ability (this is where the stamina comes to play) or just placed by Gachas for them to pick up pellets (which increase Gacha loot quality as well as can be used as fertilizer). They're a pretty decent flyer - Snow Owls use the same mechanics as Griffins - fly up in the sky and point the owl to the ground to activate the fast gliding mechanic, use the gained momentum to get back to the high point and repeat.

Little known fact - with C you can activate the thermal vision which helps to locate any living organisms. This is especially useful when hunting Thylacoleos on Redwood trees to kill them for Thylo claws (the boss tribute) or just to tame them for fun.

Every dino in our store comes with a saddle, but for ultimate protection, we suggest the maximum 124 armor saddles.