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R-Giganotosaurus level 500 [PC PvE]

R-Giganotosaurus level 500 [PC PvE]


These R-Giganotosauruses are bred to be level 500. They are not used to kill things (like the stat Gigas) but to harvest their eggs and kill their babies. Although it may seem a bit cruel, level 500 Giga babies give the best experience for your character or dino you want to level. To gain the most of your slaughtering experience, open few 2x (yellow) experience boost, 4x (purple) experience boost explorer notes, and drink the broth of enlightenment. If you want to level a dino, pick up the notes while sitting on the dinosaur you want to level, pet a lystrosaurus placed nearby and have your tribemate kill the babies while you sit on the dino. The experience is also multiplied by the server rates so it's best to kill the babies during experience boost evo-events.

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