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Moschops top stats [PC PVE]

Moschops top stats [PC PVE]

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Moschops are great for harvesting different kind of resources - sap, raw prime meat, raw prime fish meat, rare flowers, rare mushrooms, leech blood and organic polimer.
Level your Moshcops in your desired stats and level the harvesting levels in the radial menu. 
Moschops are mostly used to harvest organic polymer from Karkinos or Mantis corpses. Right click or C on the corpse and watch your harvest being multiplied by the levels you've spent in the radial menu on the resource harvesting. Imprint on these guys matters, you will get more resources if you're riding it with the character it's imprinted to.
We suggest using the Aberrant (Green and Red ones) inside base due to lack of health and Purple (regular type) if there's a chance it will get attacked. Damage doesn't affect how much resources it will harvest but it is useful if you're being attacked and need to kill the attacker.

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