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Megalosaurus Aberrant [PC PvE]

Megalosaurus Aberrant [PC PvE]

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Megalosaurus is one of the best damage mounts for Aberration map. On any other map Megalosaurus will sleep during the day and wake up for the night, when riding Megalo during the daytime, it will fastly grow tired up and lose the ability to move. However, on Aberration Aberrant Megalosaurus won't go to sleep and will be a deadly mount to kill everything that moves, just make sure it's not sleep deprived if cryoing on another map. 

Megalosaurus is often used to protect Tek Stryders while farming metal and gems, preparing Reaper queens for impregnation, killing Rock Drakes while farming for the eggs, killing alphas, clearing caves, doing Rockwell boss and more.
There are 2 options to choose from - top stat rider and tank version, both with maxed out damage - check pictures for the stats of each color.

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