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Mantis top stat [PC PvE]

Mantis top stat [PC PvE]

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Everyone needs a Mantis! Whether you want to tame a new dino, farm element veins on Extinction or complete Genesis 2 missions - it will be much more efficient with Mantis!
If you're farming element veins, after you've completed the defense, unpod the Mantis, equip it with a metal pick, and farm all the small veins. When the small ones are done, hit the middle vein with the jump attack.

If you're doing Gen2 knock-out missions, equip wooden clubs and hit everything that moves! The knock-out targets will gain torpidity and fall asleep and hostiles will be killed! For alpha you will need more advanced techniques but gamma and beta can be easily done riding 1 mantis with clubs.

If you simply want to tame a dino, equip clubs on your mantis and simply hit it a few times. 


All color Mantis are designed for missions (high health and damage, no weight), the Cantaloupe (orange) one is for farming veins - lower damage and health, exceptionally high weight.


Mantis can be raised and fed with raw meat but they prefer and gain more food by eating spoiled meat.

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