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Maewing all rounder stats [PC PVE]

Maewing all rounder stats [PC PVE]

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Maewings are a must-have dino! They're not only the best for raising babies but one of the fastest mounts as well. To raise babies with Maewing, enable nursing (baby feeding trough) from the radial menu, add any baby food in their inventory and the Maewing will feed this food to your babies in the closest proximity. You can see which babies are being fed by enabling it to show the trough area or just checking if the babies have the trough icon by their names. If you're using your Maewing for raising babies, it is suggested to level only the nursing effectiveness as it increases the feeding range as well as the food value baby gets from the Maewing.

As a flyer, Maweing is a pretty fast mount to fly around with. It cannot fly far above the ground but its mobility makes up for it.
Maewings don't have the standard male/female gender, you can mate any 2 Maewings and both will drop eggs.

Please take note that the weight on all color maewings is the same but health, stamina and damage on the Wyvern Purple mix color differs.

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