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Giganotosaurus top stats [PC PvE]

Giganotosaurus top stats [PC PvE]

PriceFrom $3.00

Final top stat Giganotosaurus in 24 different full colors! These Gigas already have the max possible damage and level, any additional mutation in damage will not allow them to be leveled.

Giganotosaurus is the best dino for any task where massive damage is required - orbital supply drops on Extinction, non-simulation missions on Genesis, even clearing the pathway in Overseer cave. That being said, they cannot be taken in any other boss fight due to them being so powerful. Although visually it can't be seen, they cause bleed on their victims and each bite is much stronger than the damage you see in the inventory menu.

Gigas are considered to be the most powerful dinosaurs in Ark and the best meat farmer if you don't need to travel long distances.

Arknomaly doesn't keep Giga eggs in stock, we will try our best to match the genders selected, but cannot promise they will match, if this is important to you, please chat with us before placing the order.