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Element dust [PC PVE]

Element dust [PC PVE]

PriceFrom $10.00

Element dust is the only form of "element" that can be transported between maps. It can be crafted into element and element shards. Dust itself can only be used to fuel tek hover skiff but crafted into element or element shards can fuel tek generator, meks, skiffs, tek replicator and more. You do must unlock element engram on Extinction, Genesis 1 or Genesis 2 maps.

1000 element dust (1k of dust) can be crafted into 1 element. 1 element can be crafted into 100 element shards.

To deliver more 50k of dust we will need an invitation to your tribe and a bed by your storage unit (you can set tribe rankings so we couldn't access anything else) as dust is too heavy to transport through the map.

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