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Desmodus older stats [PC PvE]

Desmodus older stats [PC PvE]


The Desmodus is an all-around flyer for beginners and a good utility dino for advanced players due to the newly introduced elixirs. Its balanced stats and multi-purpose utilities make it a great first flyer tame to play with and elixirs are great for busy players to save some time.

Desmodus utilities are:

  • Wild tame finder (holding left click to activate a screech that will highlight wild tames around you), Invisibility (holding right-click to activate invisibility at night time that will let you pass undetected among enemies),
  • Bloodsucker (attack a target and you will collect blood packs),
  • and most importantly, by spending 200 blood packs, you can craft Sanguine Elixirs in its inventory.

Elixirs can be used either to increase taming by 30% or increase imprint by 30% on your babies. No matter how you look at it, the Desmodus is a great addition to your tame collection!

If you don't want to build a base from scratch on Fjordur go through the effort of taming them, these are a decent pair to choose.

Please note that a higher level doesn't guarantee the best stats please see the infographic for the stats!

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