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Carcharodontosaurus [PC PvE]

Carcharodontosaurus [PC PvE]


A worthy opponent to the mighty Gigatonosaurus has emerged, the Carcharadontosaurus.

This massive creature, almost as large as a Giga, has nothing to be jealous from his slightly bigger cousin. It's massive teeth will kill everything around him with the same radius as a Giga, but with a twist. Each kill will increase it's movement speed and melee damage, and this temporary buff can stack up to 100 times!

Among the habilities of the Carcharodontosaurus, you have a main bite, a tail whipe as secondary attack, and a roar that will buff nearby Carcharos.

Their main stat to level is melee damage, but since it benefits from a movement speed buff, maybe levelling some stamina isn't a bad idea, unlike the giga.

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