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Carcharodontosaurus top stats [PC PvE]

Carcharodontosaurus top stats [PC PvE]

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Carcharadontosaurus is a Giganotosaurus-sized carnivore that is expected to overtake the Ark over time. It has the same bite radius as Giga making it a great killing machine. With each kill, it will stack movement speed and melee damage up to 100 stacks, making it not only faster but also deadlier.
In addition to the main bite attack, Carcharodontosaurus can also do a Reaper-like tail swipe attack and a roar that will buff nearby Carcharos. 
Carcharos are still in their early stages so they're not yet as powerful to replace the top stat Gigas in the deadliest of tasks, nevertheless, they're already pretty great meat farmers and much faster and more fun to ride.

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